Couple month ago i met Joe Rocca at the bar and we started talking about our passion and we instantly wanted to work with each other. He came with force with his label and asked us to do his tour stage design. We said ; FUCK YES. We had to create a design that was easily movable we decided to separate everything in 2 feet square panel that we could assemble all together and build different set up depending on the size of the venue. Every panel is individually controllable with touch designer and his covered with a piece of fabric to receive projection (if the venue has one) His tour started at the Fairmount which was for us a good and notorious venue to start in Montreal. We are extremely proud of this setup and nothing could have been done without the amazing team we had 
Client: Joe Rocca, Bonsound

Major thanks to the whole team who dedicated their time and passion for this project

Ludovic Marsolais
Félix Poirier
Vincent Noel
Vincent Luquet
Alexis Vaillancourt
Frédéric Duquette

Special Thanks to Artgang montreal and Malik Sagewondah for letting us use his LED controller 

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